The KK Alu Concept, robust and aesthetic designs from pure simplicity and practical starting points

The KK Alu Concept has the paper model as a source of inspiration. The folding of sheet metal and laser techniques were decisive for the concept. The third product in this series is the KK Alu Stool / Bench. This solid stool / bench is suitable for all kinds of purposes. The sizes:

  • The stool: 50 cm
  • The bench: 100 cm

It comes in the following models:

  • the KK Alloy Anode has a fair, cool atmosphere and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • the KK Alu Epoxy is sleek and smooth running. The stool is finished with a matte fullcolor epoxy resin by means of powder coating. This is an extremely strong warm white lacquer.


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